What are you looking forward to about Carnival?

What are you looking forward to the most about Carnival and why?

CNW Talk Up takes it to the streets! Every week, the Caribbean National Weekly highlights issues of interest to the Caribbean American community. This week’s topic on Carnival relates to the upcoming Miami Broward One Carnival weekend. To find out more about the Carnival upcoming events, follow the link: Miami Carnival kicks off  #carnival #miamicarnival

This week’s question: What are you looking forward to about Carnival and why?

What are you looking forward about Carnival and why?Courtney: Jamaica/West Palm Beach – What I am looking forward to the most is the parade. Just the whole ambiance of it, the energy and just to be able to socialize with people who are not just from here locally in Florida, but from all different parts of the world. I won’t be in costume – I wish! Next year, I want to play with the Jab Jab.

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What are you looking forward about Carnival and why?Ira: St. Croix/Atlanta – I am looking forward to two things: 1- seeing all of the Caribbean islands reunite to showcase the culture; with all of the hurricanes and so forth, just getting back to some semblance of enjoyment. With all of the tough things with Irma and Maria, I’m looking forward to showing our unity.  The other thing is the food, we all know about pan, mas, and fetes, and stuff like that, but for me it’s all about checking out the different foods. I’m looking forward to enjoying the food and going fete-to-fete, and party-to-party.

What are you looking forward about Carnival and why?Toussain: Jamaica/Miami – I always look forward to trying different food, pretty much all of the Caribbean foods are there in one location so I’ll try everything in one day. The other festivities are nice, there is so much to do – lots of performances, parades, costumes – you can watch the people cross the stage, the arts and crafts… there is so much to take in! I like food, so my favorite part is the food.

What are you looking forward about Carnival and why?Andell: Trinidad/Sunrise – I’m looking forward to playing mass. I like dressing up in the pretty costumes, getting all glammed up to go on the road and enjoy myself with the family. My aunts, my sisters, my cousins… we all meet by my aunt’s house to get ready, it’s like a little family reunion, when it comes to Carnival. I look forward to this every year. This year I’m wearing the backline costume, the name of my section is Freedom, the costume is for Shak’s Hope; the proceeds go towards her foundation.

What are you looking forward about Carnival and why?Amber: Jamaican-American/Sunrise – I’m looking forward to playing mas with friends and family, listening to endless music and drinking lots of rum. I’ve been doing it for the past three years, I play with the same band, Mascots International. They are an amazing band, it has a lot of the younger crowd, being that I’m 21, so a lot of the people who play mas is a younger generation – as well as an older generation, but everyone just comes together to enjoy themselves and have fun.

What are you looking forward about Carnival and why?Melissa: Dominican Republic/Miami – I just look forward to being with different kinds of people, embracing everyone’s culture, and just all the good vibes and energy that everyone has to offer when everyone comes together for Carnival. I play every year with Mascots International, I’ve been playing with them for 5 years now, they’re pretty much like my family at this point. This year’s section I’m playing in is Songkran. Every Carnival I just wish and hope that I’ll have more fun than the last one.

What are you looking forward about Carnival and why?Lorenzo: Jamaica/North Miami – I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of people and enjoying the Caribbean culture. I’ve been almost every year, a group of us just go and always have a good time. We usually take pictures of the event, this year, instead of just taking pictures, I want to actually enjoy it a little bit more. Most years I’m behind the scenes, this year I want to be a little more relaxed. I won’t be wearing a costume – no, I’ll want to make sure I get in shape first. Maybe next year or the year after.

What are you looking forward about Carnival and why?Jeanine: American/New York – I’m looking for the actual event that the One Host committee is providing for revelers that are coming from out of state and out of the country. All the fetes, and especially the number one, Carnival Sunday. Everybody has their own definition of Carnival, mine is to be free and have a good time. I love the sun and the fun, and the food – if I want Trini food, I know to look for the Trini flag, if I want Bajan food, I look for the Bajan flag. That is so critical.

What are you looking forward about Carnival and why?Barry: St. Lucia/Margate – Always looking forward to the parties, people having a good time. Always looking forward to the road, that is what Carnival is all about, the mas. The two go hand-in-hand. They’re coming with various expectations: some are fully stressed, some tired, some have their eyes open ready to party, some it’s their first time to Miami. I enjoy being part of the team that brings the Miami Carnival experience to them. To see the joy when you play a song that they know and literally watch all their worries just wash away.



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