Lauderhill Commission Lowers the Tax Rate for Property Owners in Lauderhill

The City of Lauderhill Commission voted unanimously at Tuesday night’s Commission Meeting to lower the millage rate for property owners in Lauderhill.

“With so many folks negatively impacted from COVID-19, it was imperative the Commission mandate a tax rate decrease to give the property owners of Lauderhill some much needed relief,” explains Commissioner Richard Campbell who voted for the decrease.

The Mayor and Commission approved a new millage rate of 8.4898, which is a 5.7% decrease from last year’s millage rate of 8.9898.

On another note, City staff applied for FEMA’s “Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response” Grant and successfully secured a $4.7 million dollar grant for equipment and salaries for 12 new firefighter/paramedics.

Cutting the millage rate in the middle of a pandemic without laying off any staff was a tremendous task for the City Manager and her staff.

With 80% of our expenses directly related to labor costs, I would like to thank the Commission, the labor unions and all the staff for their sacrifices. Working together is for the betterment and well-being of our residents,” explains Mayor Ken Thurston.

The City of Lauderhill’s new fiscal year started today, October 1, 2020.


  1. This is crazy that cut doesn’t do anything. If you own a house or if you buy a house in Lauderhill your taxez on the house is outrageously high on a 200k house you pay at least I will pay $6000 in taxes now explain that to me. Other areas are not like that only Lauderhill has the highest taxes we are higher than Parkland where the house are more expensive

    • Areas where the property values are lower usually have higher millage rates to make up for the fact property values are low. If they don’t, they’ll collect less total revenue. So, it’s a necessary, but unfortunate tradeoff.

  2. Don’t let these lying politicians fool you. Everyone in lauderhill knows how crooked Thurston and holeness are. As a matter of fact they just raised property values by a staggering amount. They harass and abuse their citizens with needless and unfounded code violations and the highest taxes in the county in order to collect any revenue they can. They actually have done nothing to combat reported violent crime and drug houses. The citizens live in fear while these politicians tout caring and success. Lies from the worst. If you move here your neighbors will most likely be all drug dealers and criminals. You will be miserable. There are many murders occurring here and many murderers living next door. Actually the worst city in Broward county Florida. The worst. Hopefully their past corruption will be investigated and uncovered and an end put to it once and for all. What they have done is tantamount to financial genocide but without as much loss of life. The corrupt policies and procedures they have implemented and also stood by and watched is a type of financial genocide that affects the whole county and numerous lives. It’s also about what they have not done and knowning that they should have helped the community ,not help to drain it’s citizens pockets. Privacy. And respect……. It’s not worth your life to live in lauderhill. And you will have to live next to a crack house and hear loud parties all night. Authorities don’t patrol and no one is arrested even if needed. Joke. A shame. A horrible dangerous place to even drive through. Who knows. I hope I don’t go missing for leaving this info all of which has been personally witnessed over decades…… Thankfully I have protected myself and secretly used a device and mail other than mine because I guarantee you those politicians listed will be trying to find out who I am…… Creeeeeepy…….. Please don’t test me. Audio. Video. Years. The works. Leave me alone. Creepies who may think their smart

  3. Not to mention they have ignored any state orders regarding the corona virus. Parties . Business throwing parties with no masks. The city is notified and of course they don’t do anything. licensed businesses operate not as intended and violate code but the city let’s them do absolutely anything at any time of the night or day. Lauderhill is bad all the way around. Don’t go there . It’s not worth your life. Very bad place portrayed to be a nice family place. You were warned. Miserable place.

  4. The commissioners in LAUDERHILL not represent the people .
    It is more than crazy to see the LAUDERHILL tax is higher than the other riche city in Broward county.
    I really don’t know why


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