Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce Launches Its ‘Shop Local Lauderhill’ Initative

Lauderhill chamber commerce
The Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce (LCC) hosts a media launch for its 'Shop Local Lauderhill' initiative on Tuesday, February 2nd at their Chamber office. From left are: LCC Board member, Jackie Vernon Thompson, Mayor of Lauderhill, Ken Thurston and President of the LCC, Karrelle Chang.
The Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce (LCC) had its groundbreaking media launch for its ‘Shop Local Lauderhill’ initiative on Tuesday, February 2nd at their Chamber office.
A word of prayer over the proceedings was offered by Lauderhill police Chaplain Michael Calderin, and the welcome was done by Mayor Ken Thurston. He was supported by City Commissioner Ray Martin and both pledged support for the initiative from the city.
President of LCC, Karrelle Chang in her remarks, made the point that, ‘ShopLocalLauderhill’ will be seen as an advocacy initiative for businesses and consumers to exchange goods and services.
‘Shop LocalLauderhill’ is a grand marketing campaign that will give businesses the opportunity of benefitting from an expanded market through the far reaching exposure offered by the initiative.
The marketing campaign will be promoted through the following media:
1) Digital – website and social media
2) Print – magazine
3) A Shop Local Lauderhill App.
4) A Shop Local Lauderhill newspaper print and online as well
At various times during the year, the initiative will be spotlighted through one of the above media.
The campaign will allow the Chamber to offer Lauderhill businesses the opportunity to get wider visibility from those locally and afar as well.
Consumers will have the opportunity to easily locate specific goods and services at their fingertips and also sell Lauderhill as a Tourist destination.
Change says she hopes that “spreading awareness through the initiative will help to empower local businesses as they try to rebuild stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic.”


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