Florida Medical Center Welcomes Our Families Back

Chely Thimothee-Paul

As they say, “there is light at the end of the tunnel”. Slowly but surely communities are resurfacing to carefully experience the “new normal”.  People are being neighborly and saying hello more often. Conversations of health and wellness are shared as well as stories of tragedy amongst those who have lost loved ones due to the Pandemic. So what happens next? We move on and do better!

Covid-19 spared no one in its path and brought to light the dangers of underline disease for many within our community. People all over the world cringed at the stories of the young and seemingly healthy victims of this pandemic. Many unaware of these individuals underline health, which made them more susceptible to this virus. Leads to question, how much do we know about our current health? What would we want our loves ones to do if we had a sudden occurrence that left us clinging to life without the chance to say goodbye to them?

Knowledge is power and knowing what to treat and when gives us that power. May is National Stroke Awareness month and as a community, we will be more powerful by staying informed and properly maintaining our health. Certainly, diet and exercise is necessary but so are diagnostic screenings. At Florida Medical Center, the skilled staff and everyday heroes are ready to welcome the community back. Offering exceptional care while keeping the community safe and informed. As a highly recognized Stroke Center, our community can expect nothing but the best of service. With a highly diverse, skilled and professional healthcare team, each person that walks through the doors can feel safe and at home.

Let us welcome you back and guide you to the light at the end of tunnel. We made it!


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