Florida-based Democratic Caucuses Combine Resources to Support Biden/Harris 2020 Ticket

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The Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida, Inc. and the South Asian-American Democratic Caucus (SAADC) are combining their resources to deliver the win for former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris in the 2020 presidential election.

The initiative will launch on Thursday, September 10, 2020, followed by a Zoom-based fundraiser on Sunday, September 20, 2020, 4-6p.m. The two organizations have a history of advocacy in the political arena and will pool their resources, experience, and strong grassroots connections to elect Biden and Harris.

This intense collaboration comes at a critical juncture of America’s history. Organizers of the initiative say that “given the deadly consequences of the present administration’s poorly handled response to the COVID-19 pandemic—on lives and livelihoods, especially within communities of color—it is our moral and political imperative to support our Democratic candidates.”

They also stated that it is their strong belief that the socio-economic consequences of this mammoth failure can only be overcome under the strong leadership of Biden and Harris.

“We are keenly aware of the importance of this election. This is the time to dig deep and use every resource available to get people to vote for the BIDEN/HARRIS ticket,” said Sajan Kurian, President of the SAASC and Treasurer of the CADC.

This collaboration with SAADC is not new. “It expands our reach and helps us allocate our joint resources in a strategic manner,” says Mayor Hazelle Rogers, President, Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida.

“We see the value of working together,” she added.  “Both groups represent a very diverse immigrant population and immigration is a top priority in their discussions and advocacy over the years. Tapping into each other’s strengths when it comes to voter outreach, connections across communities for fundraising, or getting volunteers together for phone banks is what we do.”

A series of events will be scheduled by the two organizations to help with voter outreach and education. For more information on the events, please contact Hazelle Rogers at 754-224-8150 or Sajan Kurian at [email protected]


About the Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida, Inc.

The Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida (CDCF) is united in a common purpose to increase advocacy and civil engagement by Americans of Caribbean descent. The CDCF is a political organization with local branches located throughout the State of Florida.

The goals of the Caribbean-American Democratic Caucus are to promote individual rights and freedom through a conscientious political framework of meaningful interaction by its citizenry. To accomplish our objectives our activities will include membership drives, community engagement, lobbying in support of legislative issues, educational forums, citizenship and voter education drives candidate forums and GOTV workshops.

For additional information contact Hazelle Rogers at 954-914-3667 or [email protected]



About the South Asian-American Democratic Caucus

South Asian-American Democratic Caucus (SAADC) is a national organization that represents and advocates for the diverse interests of South Asian and South East Asian communities in the United States. Towards that end, SAADC, which means road in Hindi, is deeply invested in creating a pathway towards political engagement and leadership within the South Asian and South East Asian communities through multiple strategies of outreach, education and cooperation at the local and national levels. SAADC’s strategies include community outreach and education, voter registration and citizenship drives, as well building alliances with organizations with similar goals. For more information, contact Sajan Kurian, [email protected]







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