City of Miramar Organizes ‘Drop & Go’ Food Delivery

MIRAMAR, FL  – As the state of Florida faces challenging times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, now more than ever should residents lend a helping hand to their friends and neighbors.

With this in mind, Commissioner Alexandra P. Davis decided to launch a Drop & Go initiative where residents who are unable to attend the weekly food distribution sites, either because they are elderly, disabled, have young children or have no mode of transportation, will have food delivered to them.

Over the last two weeks, volunteers have been able to deliver to over 350 homes providing produce from organizations such as Feeding South Florida and Joshua’s Heart Foundation. “As long as we have the donations of food products, we will be providing this service to our residents,” said Commissioner Alexandra P. Davis.

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This week, Thursday, April 30th, volunteers will meet at the Miramar Multi-Service Center, 6700 Miramar Pkwy at 9:30 am where they plan on delivering to over 250 households in Miramar who have signed up for this service.

So far, 15 -20 volunteers have heeded the call to assist their neighbors using their own vehicles to drop off groceries contactless.

In addition to the grocery items, each household will receive two masks to assist in keeping with the emergency order requiring them. Deliveries are on a bi-weekly rotation to assist as many as households as needed.

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For more information on any of this event, please call the Office of Commissioner Alexandra P. Davis at (954) 602 3155.

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