What do you think happens to people after they die?

Conelia – Miami Gardens, Fl.

I really don’t know what happens. I was taught that you go to either heaven or hell. I don’t know where I would go if I died today. I just hope that I don’t end up in flames being poked with a fork. I hope for a better place. I’m not afraid to die, because I can’t escape it. Death is a part of the cycle of life. All we can do is live a full and healthy life so that we won’t feel too badly when we die.

John – Carol City, FL.

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First, they go to the morgue then probably to the afterlife, wherever they believe that to be. Everybody has their own beliefs, so the afterlife can take many different forms. I’m not planning on dying anytime soon, but when I die, I think I’m going to go to heaven. I believe that you get to heaven by having a clean heart. You can’t fool God.

Yohann – Miramar, FL

I believe that when we die we go to a place between life and death and we wait there until the judgment comes. At that point, hopefully if we’ve made the right decisions in life, then we will end up going to heaven. There is no way to prepare for death. Everyone is born with the knowledge of right and wrong, so you just do what you know is right and pray. I’m kind of afraid to die, but we really don’t have a choice. When your time is us, it’s up.

James – Carol City, FL

I think our souls roam the earth until the Lord calls for us. The dead exist as spirits/ghosts. I believe that these spirits are around us all the time. Family, friends, everyone who has passed away exists among the living right now. The kind of life we lived on earth determines the kind of afterlife we will have. If you do the right things, good things will follow. I’m not afraid to die.

Sheldie – Miami Gardens, FL

I believe that people who do the right thing, follow the rules and go to church will go to heaven. If you are a bad person, a murderer, a rapist, you will go to hell. I’m not afraid to die.

Uncle Fly – Plantation, FL

I believe in the kingdom of God, so you have a choice. It is written. Only through Jesus do you make it to the Promised Land. You can choose life or you can choose death. You don’t want to choose death, it’s really hot over there. I’m not afraid to die. Not at all. I am prepared for it. It’s paradise. It’s going to be much better than this life. Everything will be new, including our bodies.

Yonana – Miami, FL.

I think that we are instantly reincarnated into another lifeform on this planet or beyond. It can be any kind of lifeform, a plant, anything. There is no way of predicting the kind of lifeform you will return as. If I died today, I have no clue where I would end up, but I can’t wait to find out. I hope that I come back as some form of advanced being, in another universe, anywhere but here on earth. I think we live in hell right now.

Monique – Miami Gardens, FL.

I have no idea what happens. Maybe our souls go to rest. If I died today, I hopefully would end up in heaven. I guess all we can do is live a good life, live each day like it is our last, no regrets. I am not afraid to die.

Destiny – North Miami, FL

I think people who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are saved. Those people will go to heaven. I am not sure where I will go when I die. I used to be afraid of dying, but I’m not anymore.

Bryan – Miami, FL.

It really depends on how we live our lives. We either go to heaven or hell so we should live righteously. Death can come at any time, so we have to be ready. I’m not afraid to die, but if I died today, I don’t think that I would go to heaven. I’m working on it though.



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