Should men always pay on a date?

Ainsworth – Port St. Lucie, FL.

If you ask a lady out, you have to impress her. The most important thing is for her to see that you are financially capable of taking care of her. It’s kind of hard if a woman shows up on a date and the man asks her to pay for the date. If I was her, I would walk away. If a woman asks me out, I would still pay. It’s expected for a man to always be a man and take care of those kinds of responsibilities. I’ve been on a few dates where I stepped away and when I got back, the bill was already paid. Those weren’t first dates, so it was ok with me.

Daneelou – Plantation, FL.

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No, the man should not always have to pay. I think that we live in a progressive enough era where women are making equal pay, so we should be equally responsible for courtship. I never go on a date with the expectation that someone else will pay. I am always prepared to pay my own way and if my date decides to pay then that’s great. I have never been required to contribute to or cover the bill. I have actually argued for the right to pay for myself. My mother raised me to be independent and accountable for myself.

Godfrey – Lauderdale Lakes, FL

It depends. If it’s a nice girl and depending on how she looks or where she wants to go, I may pay. I’ve been on dates where the woman insisted on paying and that made me feel very good. They should pay sometimes. I have no problem telling a woman that I cannot afford to take her to certain places.

Deborah – Miami, FL.

Yes, I am from the old school. If a man invites a woman out, it is only right that he pays. If a woman asks a man out, as a courtesy, the man should still offer to pay. Men should always maintain their role as men. They should always offer to take responsibility for those things. If the woman is rich and the man is unemployed, then I could understand the woman taking care of the bill. I’m very upfront with people, so my dates always know where I stand. I never have this problem.

Mathew – Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

It really depends on the couple. In today’s society there are diverse people with diverse ideas. Some women today make more money than men. It may even be a man’s birthday. There are a lot of reasons why a man may not pay, but it is his responsibility to take the leadership and take care of most of these things. I don’t always pay because sometimes I get gifts or a lady may decide to give me a treat.

Sherry – Lauderhill, FL.

I wouldn’t say always, but he should pay the majority of the times. As a courtesy, a woman can sometimes show appreciation and take care of the bill. She should never be required to do this though. I sometimes pick up the bill, but I expect the man to be the head and take the lead on that. It’s even ok if he gives me the money for me to take care of the bill.

Sammie – Sunrise, FL.

No, the man should not always be required to foot the bill. It’s equally as difficult for women as it is for men, so sometimes you should be able to find balance. People rely on tradition a bit too much. You should be able to follow your heart and if you feel like taking the lead, there should be no problem. Those types of things make the date more interesting. I would never ask a woman to pay, I am always prepared, but if she offers to pay or to share the bill, that’s a good sign for me. It’s hard to find women like that.

Dorrel – Lauderdale Lakes, FL.

Yes, the man should always pay. I have never offered to pick up the bill. My dates always pay. If it’s a nice guy who looks good, smells good and everything, I would offer to pay.

Pablo – Franklin, FL.                                           

If the man asks a woman out, he should pay. If it’s the other way around then they should split the bill. Whenever a woman has offered to pay the bill, I allow her to do it. I make sure that she knows that I appreciate her though. I won’t hide not being able to afford a date. In most cases, we just look for somewhere cheaper.

Quincey – Plantation, FL.

It depends. This is a loaded question. If I ask a woman out, then it should be understood that I am going to pay. I am old school traditional. I open doors, pull chairs out and I pay. I am always prepared. If a man does not want to pay, it means that he is not really interested in the woman. The only time a woman should be required to pay is if we are married and the funds are coming from our joint account. When I dated my wife, she insisted on paying. It was surprising, but I married her.