What can we do to fix race relations in this country?

Dwight – Hollywood, FL

We need love. It’s simple, but very fundamental.  If we show love and kindness to each other, we would resolve many of the problems that divide us. This all begins at home.  We must teach our children to love and respect themselves and others. This will make a huge difference in the way we that relate to each other across cultural lines. I am really not sure if any of this will be resolved in my lifetime. We humans have very short memory.

Gussy “Miami Puff Daddy” – Miami, FL.

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We all need to work together to achieve a resolution. Unity is key. I worry about my children’s safety. Things are getting out of hand. I advise the youngsters in my family to be polite and compliant when dealing with the police. We have to allow them to have the upper hand because they hold the reins right now. I am hopeful that change is on the way. I have great confidence in our President and his successor Hillary Clinton.

Margie Wilson – Hollywood, FL

We need to all change our mindset and turn our backs on the anger and hate of the past. It doesn’t matter what color we are. We are all equal. We all have the power to seek out the truth and when faced with that truth, we all have the power to make the right choices. We can choose to perpetuate hate or we can choose to love. I choose love.

Lorenzo – Miami Beach, FL.

Education is key. We must work to reduce the knowledge gap in this country so that people can gain a better understanding of different cultures and have a better understanding of how the world works. The world is a dangerous place. I’ve traveled extensively and seen small children drinking from sewers. We have a lot of opportunities here in this country that millions around the world do not have. In a relative sense, race is not a big issue when compared to some of the issues that people grapple with in different countries.

Nelly – Hollywood, FL.

If we could exercise empathy and try to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes then perhaps we would truly begin to understand each other.

George & Jennifer – Miami, FL.                         

We need more love and positivity. We also need to establish more stringent screening processes for individuals who are being placed into positions of power. The situation at hand is very saddening. All lives matter, but in light of all that has happened and that has been happening, we need to focus on the lives of black men and women in this country. Black lives matter.

Rome – Hollywood, FL

I think people need to be fair and just. We also need a governing body to closely monitor police activity. I was once a victim of police brutality. I was unlawfully arrested and when my case was thrown out, the officers who perpetrated the crime against me went free without even a slap on the wrist. I worry about my son. I would be highly upset if he was victimized by the police. I am hopeful though. A change is coming. There are many leaders in our community who are standing up and making their voices heard. We need to stand beside them in support.

Kristal – Pembroke Pines, FL

If black men could be seen in a positive light then they would experience less prejudice. Right now, they are viewed as aggressive and violent and this perceived image influences the way that they are treated. I don’t think that this issue will be resolved in my lifetime.

Thaddeus – Overtown, FL

We need to understand that we are 1 race..the human race. We all need to learn about each other and just get along. All lives matter. Our problem is senseless violence. People of various cultural backgrounds are being killed every day. We need to address that. It is important that we talk to each other, respect the things that make us different and commit to working together to build a strong tomorrow.

Margie – Hollywood, FL.

We need to be united. We are so much stronger together. We’re fighting each other and at the end of the day we all lose. We need God in our lives. God will help us to establish stable homes in which we can raise strong, positive children. The healing starts at home. If we teach our children to love and respect themselves and others, we will begin to see a change in this world.