Do you believe in ghosts?

Ian – Tamarac, FL.

I believe in living spirits. It’s even more than believing, it’s knowing that we are all living spirits trapped inside a body. Since we are all living spirits, when we meditate, we can leave these bodies and exist in the heavens amongst gods. Our spirits cannot die. There are spirits that can possess a weak person and carry out wrongdoings. These are the living spirits that people may call ghosts. I have come in contact with them while levitating in the heavens.

Tanya – Lake Worth, FL.

I really don’t believe in ghosts. I have felt chills when walking into old buildings and I do believe in the spirit realm, but I am not convinced that this has anything to do with what people refer to as ghosts.

Eileen – Lauderdale Lakes, FL.                           

I know that they exist. I have seen them on a few occasions. Once when I was a child I saw a family member after he died. My father appeared to me in my adult life and I also saw a tall Indian man in my house one night. I sometimes feel people’s presence and I have felt someone lie down in my bed. I was scared during these instances, but I call on God for help. I think these spirits can harm you if you place your belief in them or establish a connection with them.

Lesmin – Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

I do not believe in ghosts. I have never seen, heard or experienced ghosts. My family members have told me about ghosts, but I have never seen any myself. I believe that the spirits of people who have passed on may still linger here on earth and maybe they manifest themselves in a form that others interpret as ghosts. I don’t believe that they can touch, box or harm anyone.

Rukkie – Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

I don’t believe in ghosts, I believe in angels. I have never seen them, but I believe that everyone is an angel in some way. Even those who are evil have a bit of good in them. Depending on the situation, evil from the spirit realm may manifest itself, but that would not scare me because my God is too strong.

Marcia – North Lauderdale, FL

I do not believe in ghosts. When you die, you are asleep or your soul moves on. I think people who believe in ghosts will see them because that is already in their thoughts. We grew up in Jamaica hearing about “duppy,” but the truth is that when you die, you’re dead. I also don’t believe in evil spirits. I think that people can do bad things to you, but it has nothing to do with spirits.

Lindell – Plantation, FL.

Yes, I believe in ghosts, but I have never seen one. The bible talks about spirits, evil and otherwise, and I believe the bible, so they must exist. When people pass away, their spirits linger here on earth for three days then then move on. They are at rest. If a spirit remains for longer than three days, then they must have done something wrong. They are in torment. I am not afraid of ghosts. They run from me. As they say, “Duppy know who fi frighten!”

Cynthia – Miami, FL.

I do not believe in ghosts. Ghosts are a myth. I believe in Satan and fallen angels. People may see one of these fallen angels and call them ghosts. If you are a spiritual person and you believe in God, then nothing can harm you.

Roxann – Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

I kinda’ do and I kinda’ don’t. I believe in spirits. When we die, out bodies are gone, but our spirits remain. These spirits can be either negative or positive. My parents and grandparents have told me stories, but I have never experienced ghosts/spirits personally. I don’t think they can harm you unless you allow them into your mind.



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