TTFA president sacks Sheldon Phillips

Trinidad and Tobago Football Association president Raymond Tim Kee has sacked his general secretary Sheldon Phillips weeks ahead of the organization’s general elections.

According to a statement, Phillips was fired for “failure to adhere to directives regarding the operational activities of the FA.”

Tim Kee also indicated that he asked Phillips to resign on Monday but was forced to sack him after the former general secretary refused.

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Reports already circulating in the media suggest that Phillips was fired because of an interview done with the Trinidad Guardian where Phillips is alleged to have said Tim Kee, who only last week decided to run for re-election as president of the TTFA, had the full support of the organisation’s executive committee.

The response from the three vice-presidents in the TTFA was immediate, with Lennox Watson, Rudi Thomas and Krishendath Kuarsingh all saying they had no intention of supporting the candidacy of the incumbent Tim Kee.

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