T&T Prime Minister to meet with US Vice President

Prime Minister Keith Rowley

Two officials to discuss energy and security related issues

Energy and security related issues are expected to dominate talks next month with Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, heads to the United States to meet with US Vice President Joe Biden .

This was disclosed  last week, by Minister in the Attorney General and Prime Minister’s office, Stuart Young, who said Rowley will be leaving for Washington on May 2.

The meeting in Washington will be held on May 3 and 4.

From Washington DC, the Prime Minister will go to New York, where he has accepted an invitation to deliver the feature address at Medgar Evers College on May 5 for the first annual awards dinner recognizing individuals and corporate contributions.

“The importance of this Medgar Evers College is that T&T nationals account for 23 percent of the College’s international student population,” said Young.

The Prime Minister will then head to the United Kingdom for a meeting with Robert Dudley, the Chief Executive Officer of BP on May 7.

On May 8, the Prime Minister will embark on an official visit to Ghana, on the invitation of President John Dramani Mahama who extended the invitation when he and Dr Rowley met at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Malta.

“This is the continuation and exploration of bilateral discussions between Trinidad and Tobago and Ghana in the areas of investment such as banking, governance, institutional co-operation and technology transfer but also for us to explore energy sector related investments and how we may be able to assist Ghana.

He revealed that a private sector contingent has been invited to join the Prime Minister and the list is still being compiled.

The Ghana trip will take place from May 8 to 11

From Ghana, Dr Rowley will return to the UK for the Anti-Corruption Summit called by Prime Minister David Cameron. Stuart said he will be joining the PM there on May 12.

On May 13, they will meet with anti-corruption heads and units, an invitation, Stuart said, was extended to Dr Rowley personally by the UK Prime Minister based on discussions held in Malta.

“We are featuring quite brightly in the International spotlight in the fight against corruption and we came for special mention in those meetings based on contributions we have made at that level,” said Stuart.

Stuart said while the cost of the trips is still being tabulated, whatever the cost, it can be justified.

“Right now the Government has to take certain steps and initiatives to see what can be done outside of Trinidad and Tobago and this  trip to Ghana is very important in that aspect. The second one is a vital trip to meet the Vice President of the United States and to lead the Caricom delegation with respect to both energy and security matters. And then of course I am sure everyone would want us to be in the fight against corruption,” Young said.




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