Trinidadian climbs Europe’s Mount Elbrus

Henry Mungalsingh Climbs Mount Elbrus - Caribbean National Weekly News

Trinidadian Henry Mungalsingh, reached the peak of Europe’s highest mountain on Wednesday. His feat fulfilled his pledge to raise funds for a women’s home in the twin island republic.


On Wednesday morning, Henry raised the Trinidad and Tobago flag on the summit of the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus, at 18,500 feet.


Mungalsingh was able to raise TT$18,500 towards finishing the Elpis Centre’s Emergency Transitional Home for Vulnerable Pregnant Women in Trinidad.


The group ‘Project Halo’ posted the news on Thursday saying they raised TT$25,500 from a lot of generous donors, both nationals and foreigners.


Mere hours before reaching the summit, Mungalsingh gave his supporters an update of his progress.


“I just want to thank everyone who has contributed and given so generously….” said Mungalsingh as he approached the summit.


In 2015, Mungalsingh established the non-governmental organization called Home for Angels and Little Ones (HALO).

He said his mission is not just to climb mountains but to plant the Trinidad and Tobago flag at the top of the highest peaks in the world.


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