Trinidad and Tobago eager for Buju

Long Walk to Freedom Tour

Reggae and dancehall icon, Buju Banton will touch down on Trinidad and Tobago soil in a matter of six weeks. Together with Luciano, Buju’s childhood friend, Wayne Wonder and Singing Melody and Lust, the concert’s momentum is incredibly high. The buildup of anticipation combined with brisk ticket sales have led to one conclusion in the eyes of organizers; that being, the “I Am Legend” concert, will exceed even their expectations.

Buju’s return to the Caribbean was marked with much fanfare. Even his online social media posts, have been shared and commented on with a level of fervor, that may be unprecedented. Die-hard fans of the artiste whose name stands powerfully among the greatest in reggae and dancehall history, attest to his ability to change the thoughts of the impressionable with his music.

Voices like Buju’s is needed in the world

“We believe in his music. We know that Buju is a man of positive words that can inspire and heal. We are facing serious times in the Caribbean- well, in the world for that matter, and more voices like Buju’s and Luciano’s need to be echoed,” said one spokesperson for organizing promotional outfit, High Frequency Entertainment. The team has been working arduously in preparation for this one a kind showcase of Caribbean super talent.

Concert in Queen’s Park Savannah

The venue, the Queen’s Park Savannah, in a 3D video being circulated online of what the venue will be transformed into, shows a truly awe-inspiring experience for patrons. “This event has been in planning for years. The reality is that Buju must be shown to the world, for that which he is- one of the greatest in Caribbean music- a true living legend. His music enriches souls and can potentially save many youths from themselves,” said the spokesperson. High Frequency Entertainment’s goal is to host Buju Banton in a way that will make the world look, understand and respect the power of the man and his music.

Ticket sales exceed expectations

Already, online ticket sales have exceeded expectation. Hotels in Trinidad have attested to bookings from many overseas visitors, for the concert date. Anticipation surrounding the ‘Hills and Valleys’ singer’s return to T&T after some 10 years, is incredibly high, and there is no doubt that this concert will draw thousands.

High Frequency Entertainment will take the I Am Legend concert event to Guyana in the aftermath of Trinidad and Tobago’s showcase. That event will take place on May 25th– the night before Guyana’s Independence, at the National Stadium. For all updates and details on the I Am Legend concert events, log on to and follow High Frequency Entertainment on Facebook and Instagram.


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