Tourist boat capsizes off Nicaragua killing 13 people

Nicaraguan government officials on Saturday confirmed that a small tourist boat sank off the coast of a remote island in the Caribbean Sea on Saturday, resulting in the death 13 people.

Government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo said the boat  – the “Caribbean Queen” sank amid strong winds off Little Corn Island, located 45 miles off the coast of Nicaragua.

The 13 who died were all from Costa Rica.

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Twenty-one people were rescued, 13 from Costa Rica, three from Nicaragua, two from Britain, two U.S. citizens and one Brazilian.

According to Navy chief Marvin Corrales the boat owners ignored a sailing ban issued by authorities since Friday in the Caribbean region because of strong winds and waves.

The government has opened proceedings against the boat owner and an assistant on charges of reckless homicide and exposure of people to danger.

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