#TalkUp: Are You in Favor of Defunding the Police?

Are you in favor of defunding the police and redirecting funds to other social entities in the community? Why or why not?

Monique, FL – “Yes, the police are not doing their job correctly so they should be defunded. The money should be given to organizations and people that deserve it. Usually, these organizations don’t have a way to get funded so this will be a good way to fund them.

Kasha, FL – “Defunding the police is not the magic answer to solving the current issue in our country. The budget that goes into policing our cities is much needed; it allows the officers to receive the equipment, tools, and training they need to perform their jobs. While I do believe there is a need in the budgets for community social programs, it should need to be taken from other budgets or raised another way. Defunding a whole department will not make the streets safer, in fact, will make it unbearable. There will be more crime and fewer officers to respond. The money will not resolve this issue with a racist and prejudiced system—dealing with system head-on will.”

Alexis, FL – “I am not in favor of defunding the police force. Policing is a necessary evil. There is much training needed in the various police forces throughout the country. It would seem that some have an Us vs. Them mentality which needs to change immediately but, with everything in life, change takes time and during this time training is required. Such as sensitivity, diversity, and inclusion, and [police], in many cases, need to learn more about the community they serve. Therefore active community policing is necessary, as the art of de-escalation in a heated scenario, and anger management as well as communication. The shoot-first-ask-questions-later ideology has to end. We, as a nation, are losing brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, and fathers. 

I understand the fear that some may have especially during these unprecedented times, empathy and understanding is a MUST.”

Veronica, FL – “I absolutely agree with defunding the police and allocating the funds to other social entities, because our community is in need of help right now. If our community receives funds that they need to change everything that’s going on in society, it would definitely do good to the community. If police officers had more training and had to pass more strict background checks and psych evaluations, people might feel safer. I would move government funds and redistribute resources to make sure other social entities have what they need and support them 100 percent.”

Abby – “I do think defunding the police would be a good idea. In order to use their funds for better training and to put more requirements and policies in place. It takes almost nothing to become a police officer. Also, using the funds to reassess all police officers, not just new incoming officers. I believe whether you want to get rid of police or make them less violent—cut the number of police in half and cut their budget in half and yes put it towards other social entities, as well as bettering police departments. Someone said “fewer police [officers] equals fewer opportunity for them to brutalize and kill people, innocent people” and I agree. This is the time for us as a community to take care of our neighbors.”

Maxine, FL – “Yes. I am in favor of defunding the police, or more accurately, redirecting some police funding to social entities. Throwing money at police departments does nothing to fix homelessness, addiction, or poverty. Money spent directly on these issues will do more to reduce crime than police overtime.”


  1. Kasha , Alexis are correct …………….. Seriously people due you think defunding police is the answer? Maybe that is why we have police in the first place…


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