It starts with breakfast at Knutsford Court


It starts with breakfast at Knutsford Court


Among the many things that tourists, dignitaries and locals love about The Knutsford Court Hotel, all would agree that a meal at its Melting Pot restaurant is a delightful experience.

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There’s a little something for everyone at its breakfast service, ranging from the standard continental fare to Jamaican-style cuisine. If a meal reminds me of my mother’s home cooking, you’re alright in my book. Well, I’m a witness that the Melting Pot’s rendition of ackee and saltfish hits the spot just right. While it’s possible for the much celebrated national dish to sometimes be \a little on the salty side, the chefs at Melting Pot prepared it perfectly with sides of fry roasted breadfruit. I also enjoyed a mean Johnny cake (fried dumpling) with a hint of Solomon Gundy that added a unique twist. To finish off the meal, I also tried a touch of steamed callalloo with a refreshing glass of freshly squeeze orange juice.

While breakfast was outstanding, it was only just the beginning. A later visit to the restaurant included a sampling of their brown stewed snapper with shelly rice and peas and seasonal vegetables which was right on point.

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention the hospitality of the staff. From the moment you arrive to the minute you leave, the service is impeccable. The staff’s warmth and attentiveness were second to none. If I was to get a dollar for every greeting I received, I would be a rich man. I can’t help but mention the manager, Owen. Not only was his entire team’s service impeccable, but Owen went out of his way to make sure that guests felt right at home.

It’s truly a great way to start the day in Kingston, whether you choose to venture out or stay in. The hotel’s welcoming ambiance was soothing and elegant. An abundance of lush, greenery in the well-manicured garden courtyard is a constant reminder to relax and take it all in. If you do find yourself hanging out in the courtyard or on your balcony at night, you can end a blissful evening by listening to some good music from an outdoor New Kingston party nearby. All of which leads to a great night’s rest at the Knutsford Court Hotel.

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