St Vincent Prime Minister Injured During Vaccine Protest

st vincent pm
Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves injured during protest in Kingstown

Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves had to receive treatment after receiving a blow to the head during protests on Thursday.

Initial reports indicate he was hit in the head by an object thrown by a demonstrator who was among those protesting proposed changes to the Public Health Act.

The amendments would remove the word “voluntary” from a section of the law that speaks to vaccination against an illness that triggers the declaration of a public health emergency, such as COVID-19.

The Prime Minister was on his way back to Parliament, where the amendments were scheduled to be debated, when the incident occurred.

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Video circulating on social media shows blood to the right side of his head as he is rushed from the area.

Shouts of “shield, shield” could be heard as Prime Minister Gonsalves was covered by security forces after being hit.

The St Vincent government had also planned to make vaccines mandatory for certain categories of public sector employees in order to work in “frontline” jobs.

“Given the extent of the misrepresentations, and misinformation by some persons about this Bill, it is necessary and desirable to put the record straight,” Dr Gonsalves said last week, adding that the legislation “does not involve any legal penalty or punishment on anyone who fails and/or refuses to take the vaccine or test for COVID-19.”

Gonsalves said that it is the intention of the government, however, to make rules under the Public Health Act to require certain categories of employees in the public sector, including those in central government and state enterprises, to take the vaccine in order to work in certain specified “frontline” jobs.

“The choice of working or not working in a particular job which requires vaccination in the interest of public health will be that of the employee. Individual rights are always required in the appropriate circumstances to be balanced by public interest considerations, in this case, the requisites of public health. The relevant rules under the Public Health Act will be made and published in due course in the official gazette,” he said.

Last Thursday, the main opposition New Democratic Party staged a street protest against the government’s proposed mandatory vaccination law.




  1. This is something incredible. The reaction of the protestors. Even though it is of a different nature, but just over a month ago President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated.
    Maybe if he had heed the people calling for him to step down maybe that may have foiled the attempts to kill him.
    By no means do I or we support the violently act of shedding a man’s blood nor his life, and it is ashamed that actions described above are the measures that the oppressors feel they have to take.
    By the scriptures to the Israelites, if a man kidnaps you and treats you as a slave or sells you then according to the Mosaic laws that man should be put to death! Deuteronomy 24:7 and supported by Exodus 21:16 Most leaders are dancing to the same tune that the WHO seems to playing and have seemed to forgotten their sovereignty and more importantly, the constitution of their country and the electorate the people.
    The frightening things is if leaders can get away with something like this of forcing the people and obliging or more correctly and legally expressed coerce them to do something they would not rather do by changing the laws like how they legalized slavery to which millions of blacks paid the price and countless blacks and mulattos were prostituted and or raped brutally or non-brutally but constantly and that included both women and men, heterosexually and homosexually. That was despicable! Now what are the chances that the same general benefactors of slavery in the western world are the same benefactors of the modern day economic and financial slavery.

    I believe that the power of the people needs to happen to return the power back in the hands of the people and to remove leaders, who may have an invested interest outside of the preview, knowledge and control of its citizens and electorate. It is a crying shame that our fellow cousins and kinfolks has to reach to this level, but I then have to seriously consider the antagonism and provocation of the leaders of Government to be the voice of the people and for the people, first in mind, heart and conscientious, are seriously and intentionally failing the very people who have put them into power of them. Elections have consequences and many Caribbean countries are suffering because the decision that was made or influenced via eternal forces (Please notice how foreigners are not allowed to meddle in the affairs of US Politics, then the same respect should be given to other Caribbean countries.) Elections are very serious matters for the future of the nation and greed of the rich and powerful causes the small man to either sell out or suffer because their voice are not being heard. Remember what happened to the children of Israel when they asked to have a king to rule over them instead of God? Elections have consequences, because it brings us to these things which happened to comrade Gonsalves. Now in analyzing the photo it did seem a lot suspicious that all of that blood and no deep marks are evident, maybe it is time to see the other side of his face for the battle scar or maybe it was that of his bodyguards blood on him?

    The St. Vincent PM Gonsalves must have understood the frustration and the feelings of his countrymen yet he and his party proceeded with their intent and the PM must have understood who is his boss, and did the PM forgotten that the people’s interest and intent must come first and foremost in his minds and those in his government?

    But what Dr. Gonsalves has done in St. Vincent & The Grenadines, his colleague to the Northwesterly of him; Dr. Minnis may be planning to do likewise, Bahamians are civil but Christians, but a stretch like this could cause the Bahamian people to remember that 60 plus years ago the bitter taste of white dominated slavery in the Bahamas threating black Bahamians as less than human with no or little rights, especially in Nassau, New Providence. The Bahamians because they are carry strong Christian values and remember the scriptures that slavery of any kind must be dealt with as the holy scriptures dictated and that was to kill the perpetrator.


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