St Lucia police investigate hospital fire

 Two mysterious fires have been set at the Soufriere Hospital in St. Lucia.

hospital fire
Two mysterious fires have been set at the Soufriere Hospital in St. Lucia.

Police are investigating reports of threats against nurses at the Soufriere Hospital, as they probe the latest fire at the health institution over the last weekend.

The fire on Saturday, the second within a month, has forced authorities to close the facility after the blaze destroyed the maternity wing and impacted the mental wellness section of the health care institution.

The first fire on November 9 was less destructive destroying the records room of the hospital and forcing the temporary relocation of hospital operations.

Threats to nurses

 Health and Wellness Minister, Mary Isaac, said that she has heard of the reported threats made to the nurses, saying “but the St. Lucia that I know, I am hoping these are just frivolous threats. I know our nurses are not afraid, they are not fearful or anything like that. They live in a very safe community and I am hoping that it continues to be so.” She added that she was aware the threats were made to ’certain individuals’.

But she acknowledged she did not know the exact nature of the threats and that the police are handling the matter.

“I would hate to even want to elaborate on that because I think these were frivolous threats. We live in a very safe society and I just prefer that we keep it that way.

Police investigating

“If threats were made as a result of the fire, or after the first fire, the police are saying the people are being interviewed and questioned. So, the police will determine how real the threats were, and that sort of thing,” she said.

Media reports here said that prior to the first fire, a telephone message was sent to at least one nurse warming her that “you all cannot hear – you all will feel.”

Isaac said she is concerned that so far, a report on the first fire at the Soufriere Hospital fire has not been received. “It’s really demoralizing that we have not even received a report on the first fire. I just really sympathize with the people of Soufriere,” she added.


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