South Florida minority businesses seeks to protect against computer hacks

South Florida minority businesses seeks to protect against computer hacks

The Minority Chamber of Commerce based in Miami, Florida will host a Cyber Security Miami Conference on January 27, at the Hotel InterContinental at Doral. The conference aims to assist businesses of all sizes in developing, evaluating, and strengthening their cyber-security programs. It will also explore the best means of connecting with the law enforcement community when cyber incidents occur.

Samuel Tyson, IT security technician, of Perrine, Miami Dade, told National Weekly, “Cyber security is a real threat to every business, small and large. Because of cost factors, some small businesses may be reluctant to take required steps to ensure their IT system is protected from hackers. However, I caution, not doing so run the risk of these small businesses being severely impacted within seconds. It’s imperative that small businesses be proactive to protect their businesses.”

The Miami conference will include a panel of specialists representing law enforcement, the private sector, and the financial services industry. In addition, speakers will provide insights on how all businesses, large and small, can secure their information as well as customer profiles.

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Speakers at the conference will include: Kevin Parker, South Florida’s FBI representative in Cyber Attacks; Jorge Rodriguez of the Federal Reserve Bank; Rob Vazquez, Chairman of the Cyber Attack Committee of the Minority Chamber of Commerce; and Steve Detwiler of the Miami-Dade County Emergency & Preparedness Office.

Panelists are expected to offer unique insights regarding emerging technologies, operations and enforcement, digital asset protection, pragmatic experience, and law enforcement – and offer keys to creating a more secure business environment.



The Minority Chamber of Commerce is a national non-profit minority membership organization, founded in 2001 by fourteen South Florida minority business owners led by Doug Mayorga, the current CEO.  The purpose of the Chamber is to promote, maintain and sustain economic progress for minority-owned business enterprises in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Munroe counties.

Speaking about the pending conference, Mayorga said, “Local businesses in South of Florida are concerned over the strength and comprehensiveness of cyber security on their economies, as companies throughout South Florida are being targeted in cyber-attacks at an increasing rate.  The high level conference will bring together top experts to discuss how to navigate the cyber security framework, and provide business owners with tools and tips for strengthening their cyber-security programs.”

The MCC has established a special Cyber Program Committee  to assist members and partners in developing and implementing strong protection and security responses that safeguards their private information, digital assets, and way of doing business. To that end, the Chamber advocates through its Cyber Security Committee and working groups,  to work toward a competitive and secure local, national, and international trade environment; strong private sector cyber networks and systems; and a disaster resilient minority business community.



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