Signed Reggae Girlz Jersey on Display at First Ever Caribbean Museum

A signed Reggae Girlz jersey is now on display at the first-ever Caribbean museum in the United States.

The original Jersey was signed in Broward County, Florida by the Historic Jamaica National Women Football team on their way to FIFA Women’s World Cup in France 2019. The Reggae Girlz were the first Caribbean team in history to qualify for the Women’s World Cup. 

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The Jersey, signed by members of the team, was auctioned at the Council General to Miami Home then gifted to Jamaican-born youth and community advocate, Dr. Lavern Deer in appreciation for her successful Reggae Girlz Awareness Campaign.

The Jersey is now on display at the historic Island Space Museum in Broward County.

Reflecting on the meaning of this contribution, Dr. Deer said, “in 2013, I started the Reggae Girlz Awareness Campaign, a time when 90% of the Diaspora did not know Jamaica had a National Women’s Soccer Team. At that time, I had one goal in mind, to help Jamaica become the first Caribbean nation to qualify for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. As a youth advocate and mentor, I am thrilled to see Jamaica National Women players now advancing to international professional careers in soccer.

It is now an honor to place this signed Jersey on display in the first-ever Caribbean Museum. I am extremely proud and thankful to everyone who helped made this goal a reality.”



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