Praise for The United Friends of Highgate from Jamaican GG

Jamaican Governor General Patrick Allen praises South Florida organization for assisting in development of Highgate, St. Mary, Jamaica.

United Friends of Highgate

Jamaica’s Governor General, His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen had high praises for the United Friends of Highgate, (UFOH), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of Highgate in St. Mary, Jamaica. He delivered the keynote address to over 400 members of the South Florida Jamaica Diaspora in Cooper City, FL. last month.

Sir Patrick Allen commended the United Friends of Highgate for the outstanding work they have been doing by engaging with the local Highgate community, as they conceive and develop plans to assist the community with medical supplies, educational tools, scholarships, infrastructural development and other socio-economic enterprises.  

His Excellency told members of the organization that they are Jamaica’s “champion to the world like Usain Bolt” and “are valuable members of our development team.”

“I thank you for all you do in uplifting the communities you live and the community of your birth. … and to helping advance our 2030 vision to make Jamaica the place of choice to live work raise families and do business,” he added.

Sir Patrick challenged members of the organization and Jamaicans globally to engage more with the next generation – the youth.

The Governor General, pointing to the success of several youth leaders in Jamaica, said the youth must be encouraged so that the vision of creating better societies can become a reality.

Jamaican’s foremost comedian Oliver Samuels was at his best keeping the guest in high spirits showering the GG with accolades for being the “draw” for the event and not, as usual, himself. He kept the crown entertained throughout the entire event.

The “UFOH,” pronounced [Hoo-Fah], was launched in Florida over 11 years ago and has a chapter in Highgate with Reverend Seymour Hutchinson as its President. The Florida chapter is headed by President Lorrimer Burford and its goal remains “contributing to the economical, physical, educational, environmental, cultural and social development of Highgate thus making the community a safe, healthy and enjoyable place to work, live and play.” For more see

The Florida chapter of the United Friends of Highgate Florida Chapter works with the Highgate Chapter to identify activities that need immediate attention at this time. These activities continue to extend themselves in the building up of the community of Highgate and its environs.

UFOH activities

The projects targeted include:

  1. Food vouchers for 80 needy individuals at a cost of JA$2,000.00 each.
  2. Joint venture with the Richmond Community Consultative Committee in organizing a children’s treat for over 300 children at a cost of JA$50,000.00.
  3. Funding for bed linen, pampers, clothing (male/female) for the Annotto Bay hospital.
  4. Ongoing scholarship to two children entering High School.
  5. Funding for an annual visit to Pringles Home to feed 35 individuals as well as toiletry supplies
  6. Continuing assistant for the activities of daily living, including provision of breakfast, baths, laundry and general housekeeping for an elderly person.


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