Peter Bunting Officially Launches PNP Presidential Campaign

MANCHESTER, Jamaica – It was a sea of orange at the Manchester High School on the evening of July 14, as People’s National Party (PNP) leadership aspirant Peter Bunting officially launched his presidential campaign.

It has been a month since Bunting announced that he will be challenging Dr. Peter Phillips for the party presidency, but yesterday, the MP for Central Manchester officially launched his campaign.

The party was led by former PNP Deputy General Secretary Luther Buchanan, with sitting and former MPs, sitting and former councillors, business associates, and comrades filling the school grounds. According to Buchanan, 1,500 PNP delegates from all across the island were there to support Bunting.

Fellow party members, including Dayton Campbell, Ronnie Thwaites, Dean Peart, and Mark Golding, made presentations calling for comrades to support Bunting in his bid for the presidency. Other supporters who championed Bunting included President of the National Workers’ Union, Granville Valentine and Vice-president of the PNP Women’s Movement, Esther Lewis Wachaoupe.

During his presentation, Bunting said he was aspiring to the presidency of the PNP for two reasons: to transform the party and to transform the country. He also stated that the party must provide viable alternatives to the government with a clear focus on improving education, reversing the oppressive contract labour practice, and promoting safety in communities.

Peter Bunting will celebrate his 59th birthday on September 7, the same day he will challenge incumbent Peter Phillips for party leadership at the special delegates’ conference.


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