Obama administration files Supreme Court appeal in executive actions case

The U.S. Justice Department formally appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court recently to review the denial issued by the 5th Circuit appeals court against allowing implementation of the President’s Executive Actions for parents of Citizens and Residents (DAPA) and expanded DACA for Dreamers.

The formal petition filed by the Obama Administration requesting Supreme Court review, called “ a writ of certiorari”, asks the Court to overturn the injunction blocking DAPA and expanded DACA which had been issued by a Texas Court earlier this year in February.

On November 23rd, the State of Texas then requested a 30 day extension of time to respond to the Justice Department’s petition for review by the Supreme Court, which is widely seen as a delay tactic in an effort to prevent the case from being heard by the Supreme Court during the current term. But experts predict that the court will nevertheless put the case on an expedited schedule to make the decision whether to grant or deny review in the next several months.

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If granted, the case will be heard by the court in the Spring of 2016, with a final decision expected by late June 2016.

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