Michigan Barbershop rewards young readers with haircut discount

Parents in Michigan have a reason to be a whole lot happier with a special discount as a way to get kids to practice their reading skills. However, it doesn’t stop there, the kids also get quizzed on what they read. Ryan Griffin, the barber who created the program at The Fuller Cut barbershop said “It’s not just about reading, but also about comprehension.” Griffin, 44, said he was inspired to offer this deal to his younger clients while reading an article about another barbershop incorporating the same concept.

Griffin incorporates a sense of self in the books he offers his clients to read by providing books that reflect his largely African-American clientele. His books include “Chocolate Me,” and “Big Hair Don’t Care”. He mentions that many of the kids start out shy and are often intimidated to read out loud, however, it doesn’t stop Griffin from encouraging them to read. The staff will correct the ‘youngins’  along the way with any words they don’t know how to say, and says he has seen lots of improvement from his readers. “You may have a kid that never wanted to read, and now all of a sudden the kid will come in and read,” he said. Although the discount is great for the parents, Griffin says that it’s a simple thing. It’s about giving back to the community and paying it forward through education.



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