Miami’s new Department of Human Services aims to focus on the well-being of residents

This week, the Department of Human Services was officially created to streamline the delivery of resources to the children, seniors and families of the City of Miami. It was approved by the City Commission at the budget hearing held on September 27, 2018.

Creates synergistic opportunities
“The Department of Human Services allows us to be more strategic in how we offer services to our residents,” said City Manager Emilio Gonzalez. “It creates synergistic opportunities between disciplines that result in an improved quality of life in the City of Miami.”

Departmental functions
Led by Director Milton Vickers, the Department of Human Services will include the functions of homeless services, workforce opportunity centers, veterans affairs, health/childcare services, and the Live Healthy Little Havana initiative. 

“By creating synergies like these and through advocacy, education and service delivery you can create a great deal of positive impact in the community,” said Milton Vickers. “This is just part of a wider goal to make Miami a more livable and sustainable city.”

As a result of the FY 2018-19 adopted budget, the Office of Film and Entertainment was merged into the existing Office of Communications, and the Community and Economic Development Department has been renamed the Department of Housing and Community Development to emphasize the housing responsibility of the department.


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