Miami-Dade NAACP Youth Council Advisor making youth more politically aware

Ebony Johnson is a community activist, educator, and a natural leader.  Born and raised in Miami, Florida, she is the proud mother of two children, Tamaya and Jayson Jackson. An educator at heart, Ms. Johnson learned her calling early in life after falling in love with teaching and caring for toddlers at age 12 in the church’s nursery and her experiences on her first job as a childcare worker at age 15.

Determined to become a good teacher Ms. Johnson earned a Master’s Degree in Reading and Learning Disabilities from the University of Miami.  She became an Elementary School Teacher for Miami Dade County Public Schools serving Brentwood Elementary, Linda Lentin Elementary and Phyllis Miller Elementary schools for almost a decade.  After accomplishing this, she then organized a non-profit community center in 2001, The Resource Room.

As Executive Director of The Resource Room and The Resource Room Child Care & Learning Center, Ms. Johnson works tirelessly to educate children through aftercare and day programs. Overseeing four centers, serving over 200 children daily; Johnson also dedicates time to help adults connect or reconnect with programs and services to gain access to resources that will help them lead successful lives.

In 2013, Ms. Johnson joined D.A. Dorsey Technical College as a Case Manager for Adult Education where she guides young adults through career pathways while helping them gain access to services that assist them supporting their families and staying in school to complete their program of study.

Prides her position

Ms. Johnson prides her position as Miami Dade NAACP Youth Council Advisor and Region V Adult Representative to the National Youth Work Committee.

When Ebony was asked in 2009 to become the Advisor, she said “How could I not, my grandfather Samuel Bailey worked hard as President of the Mississippi Branch and my mother Dr. Shirley B. Johnson formed the Miami=Dade NAACP Youth Council in 1988. NAACP is part of my family’s legacy, and I will continue.” 

Lifelong member of NAACP

A lifelong member of the oldest civil rights organization, and Advisor of the NAACP Youth Council Ms. Johnson, has lead peaceful sit-ins, marches for causes that affect our community, organized town hall meetings, distribute Thanksgiving baskets to families in need and a host of other community service projects. Ms. Johnson advocates for youth and is dedicated to providing leadership that guides them in being civically involved.

Johnson is passionate about helping youth and families succeed. She has received recognition for her work and dedication and hopes to continue to inspire, equip, educate and connect people to strong possibilities. 

Awards and Acknowledgement:

2017-2018 AT&T Miami Dade African American Calendar Honoree

2016 Unsung Hero

2015 Awarded Florida State Youth Advisor of the year

2013 Awarded Community Leader by Iota Phi Lambda

2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017 Ebony Johnson was awarded NAACP National Youth Advisor of the Year


Live Healthy Miami Gardens (ATOD Sub-council member)

Together For Children Coalition Member 

CERT Member & Trainer (community emergency response team)

Executive Member of the NAACP Miami Dade Branch

The Miami-Dade NAACP Branch has a Miami-Dade NAACP Youth Council, and through the youth council, the youth are engaged in several ways. 

Ebony JohnsonActivating the youth

Ms. Johnson indicated some the activities the youth are engaged includes: training on how to correctly register citizens to vote; participating in community forums where they ask questions  of candidates running for office and involvement in a youth awareness game called “Who has the Power”. She explained the game is used to educate the community on what elected officials has the power to change or influence policies or procedures that affect them directly. This game is played at community fairs, town hall meetings, and public spaces. 

 She said what keeps more youth from participating in more efforts around social justice or civic and political issues is their parents lack of understanding of social justice and civic, political issues. “When parents are unaware of the power gained from learning and being involved, it doesn’t become a priority to make sure their child participates and actually attend events that will allow them to become more involved,“ Johnson said. 

 Johnson also explained the NAACP local adult branch supports the Youth Council (youth) by engaging and supporting their activities and service projects. The Youth Council supports young leaders by guiding, teaching and advising their thoughts into action plans. “We also support our young leaders through education support. Assisting our youth in applying for scholarships, tutoring them on SAT/ACT testing.”

 Continuing she emphasized, “There’s a huge need to engage youth in the civ and political experience. Youth are our future, and they must understand the political system and how it connects and disconnects them to future endeavors. We must expose our youth to careers in politics so that we can have a voice that understands the needs of the communities we live, work and play in.” 

The Miami-Dade Branch of the NAACP celebrates 30 years of service on Saturday, September 29, 2018, with their Freedom Fund Soiree. They’ll honor past presidents of the branch and community leaders.



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