Machel, Iwer & Patrice Roberts top contenders for Trinidad Carnival Road March win

With Trinidad Carnival less than a month away, masqueraders are eagerly binging on 2018’s new music to determine the most popular hit for the road. Although many considered Neil “Iwer” George’s Savannah the certified road march winner, the release of Soca Kingdom, a duet between international trailblazer Machel Montano and veteran Austin “SuperBlue” Lyons, seems to have stolen George’s thunder. Soca Kingdom was released late Friday afternoon to much surprise and amusement, according to social media.

Representing the female soca artists, Patrice Roberts’ early entry of Sweet Fuh Days continues to reign as a fan favorite, with Lyons ironically making a cameo in the video.

Which song deserves the crown this year? We’ll know the week of February 12th.

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