Jamaican Prime Minister announces multi-million roadworks program

Jamaican PM pleased with energy sector

A J$630 road repair project is to be conducted across Jamaica before Christmas.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has announced a J$630-million roadworks program for all 63 constituencies in Jamaica.

J$10 million to each constituency

In an address to Parliament earlier this week, Holness explained that $10 million will be allocated to each constituency for pothole patching, drain cleaning and de-bushing.

Funding will be provided through the Tourism Enhancement Fund, the Road Maintenance Fund and the Consolidated Fund, with the work to be jointly undertaken by the National Works Agency and the National Solid Waste Management Authority.

“I expect all Members of Parliament (MPs) will quickly get into gear and work with the technocrats to ensure a smooth implementation process. I expect that this program will make a significant difference in the lives of many residents who traverse the island’s road network,” the Prime Minister said.

Holness added that he expects MPs will ensure that good balance is found during the discussions with the technocrats about the works.

Expects value for each dollar spent

“The Government expects that in the execution of the works, the people of Jamaica will get value for each dollar spent. I am going to hold the technocrats responsible for the quality of works to be undertaken.”

Holness said he has noted the concerns about the quality of some of the works undertaken recently, and that he expects quality work under this program.

Sound and reasonable contracting sought

As a result. the Office of the Contractor General has been invited to have a free hand in ensuring that all requirements of sound and reasonable contracting are observed, and to assist in the inspection of the works before payments are made.

“This time around, we expect every dollar to be spent according to the policy that we have announced. It is also incumbent on every member of Parliament to ensure that the resources are spent wisely and that the work is done,”Holness said.

The roadworks are scheduled to begin before the Christmas season.

“We will clean up Jamaica and we will make Jamaica nice again,” Holness said.


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