Jamaican opposition condemns killings in Gaza

Gaza protests

On Tuesday, Jamaica’s opposition People’s National Party (PNP)  condemned the excessive use of force against the people of Palestine and declared its support for the efforts “that are fundamental to the principles of self-determination.”

In a statement in which it expressed its sadness at the death of at least 60 Palestinians and the injury to more than 2,700 in the Gaza Strip as the United States opened its embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, the PNP said the protests were anticipated based on the warnings throughout the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Precautionary measures should have been taken

It said that as such, precautionary measures should have been a priority of the region to prevent the violence and unmitigated bloodshed now taking place.

Jamaican govt criticized

The party said that the excessive use of force against the Palestinian people must be condemned. It criticized the Jamaica government for playing a significant role in the current unrest, by its abstention from the crucial United Nations General Assembly vote in favor of protecting Jerusalem as the Holy City earlier this year.

“We have always recognized the significance of Jerusalem in the search for a permanent resolution to the situation in the Middle East. This Government has deviated from Jamaica’s historical principled position when it abstained without reason and placed the prospect of peace in the Middle East in jeopardy,” the PNP said.

Supports two-state solution

The PNP said that over the years, Jamaica has maintained the right of Israel to exist; a negotiated political settlement, based on a two-state solution; the right to self-determination of the Palestinians; the call for peaceful resolution of the conflict and minimizing human suffering and loss of life and the heightened role of the United Nations.

It said it was urging the Andrew Holness government to support the United Nations’ effort to restore peace in this volatile region.


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