Jamaican-born Winsome Sears the First Black Female Republican to Run for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia

winsome sears
Photo: winsomesears.com

A Jamaican-born woman is the first black Republican woman to throw her hat in the ring to run for lieutenant governor of Virginia.

Winsome Earle Sears, who emigrated from Jamaica as a child, joined seven Democrats and six Republicans vying to be their party’s candidate in the election to the Virginia General Assembly.

The 57-year-old Sears, who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2004, previously served on the Virginia Board of Education.

She was also appointed to the US Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee by former US President George W Bush. She served as a Marine pilot before running for office.

According to her website, “Winsome was elected to a majority Black legislative district! No other Republican has done that in Virginia since 1865: She consequently also became the first (and still only) Black Republican woman elected to the House, the first female veteran, and the first legal immigrant woman.

Winsome is a mother, wife and is proud to have served in the United States Marines.”

The winner of the election as lieutenant governor is seen as the top pick for Virginia governor. Sears says she wants to be the first Black female governor in the United States.


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