Jamaica Says All Visitors From Coronavirus-Affected Countries Will Be Quarantined

KINGSTON, Jamaica – At a press conference today, Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness announced that all travelers from countries where there is local transmission of Covid-19 will now be required to self-quarantine for up to 14 days.

This measure, done to protect residents, will negatively affect visitors that already planned to visit the island for short trips, less than 14 days. Such travelers are being asked, if they can, to cancel or postpone their flight until the restriction is lifted.

The government confirmed that there were now 12 cases of Covid-19 on the island. As the ministries work to contain the virus, several measures have been put in place to restrict mass gatherings.

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The government has restricted the opening of bars, nightclubs and other entertainment establishments. There should be no gathering of over 20 persons in any public space and there is a limitation on the number of attendees at funerals and weddings.

As of the 18th of March, all non-essential work in the public and private sectors should be done from home. Holness said that it is not the intention of the government to shut down the economy, but to institute measures to ensure enforcement of social distancing.

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