Jamaica Police Report Less Murders During Year’s First Week-And-A-Half

KINGSTON, Jamaica – (CMC) – Jamaica has recorded 34 murders during the first 11 days of this year, significantly lower than the 57 for the corresponding period last year, according to figures, released, here, by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

The figures, published in the JCF’s Serious and Violent Crimes Review, show that the 34 murders were also less than the 41 recorded in 2017, and that while there had been 36 shootings during the period this year, they were less than the 37 recorded in 2019.

Jamaica police have not yet released the number of people killed in 2019, but figures show that as of December 28 last year, 1,326 murders were committed, as compared to 1,287 for the entire of 2018.

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The authorities said that the number of rape cases has fallen dramatically, with nine reported cases, so far this year, compared to 21 in the first 11 days of last year; and that there has been a 69 percent drop in the number of aggravated assault cases, with four reported so far this year, down from 13 last year.

Police are also reporting a decline in robberies, break-ins and larceny, with there being 47 cases so far this year, compared to 63 in the same period, last year.

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