Guyana gov’t to allow scrap metal dealers to export stalled containers

Months after the Guyana Government decided to suspend the scrap metal trade, the administration has taken another decision to allow dealers to export some containers that have been stuck on the wharf.

On June 15, , the trade was indefinitely suspended as the Government moved to conduct a forensic audit on the Scrap Metal Unit at the former Ministry of Housing.

On Wednesday, Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman said since then 42 containers of scrap metal have been stuck at a local wharf.

“Cabinet has therefore given, after consideration, its approval for the release of 42 containers for shipment out Guyana,” he said.

Trotman maintained that the decision did not mean that the suspension of scrap metal trading has been lifted.

“This is a one of transaction and no way signals the resumption of the scrap metal trade,” said Trotman later added that the “implications of a resumption of the trade will be examined” by Government.



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