Fort Lauderdale Police launches autism outreach program

In conjunction with Autism Awareness Month, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department has proudly launched FLPD Cares, an Autism Outreach program. This program is an ongoing partnership with the community, to provide the safest environment possible for FLPD’s neighbors.

FLPD Cares will allow police officers to better serve those in the community living with Autism. Through this program, the department hope to establish and maintain a database of Autistic individuals they may interact with in hopes of improving our response.

The information ascertained will be kept confidential and made available only to the department’s patrol officers. This process will allow officers who are responding to an incident involving a person with Autism to appropriately prepare for and handle the situation.

Ultimately, through the FLPD Cares Program, the department will be improving these interactions for all parties involved.

To learn more about the program, visit:



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