FLL Airport processing return of abandoned luggage/personal items

FLL Airport processing return of  abandoned luggage/personal items  

Following the tragic shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Friday, January 6, that left 5 people killed and several others injured, was in the ensuing confusion hundreds of passengers fled leaving their luggage and other personal items.

On Saturday morning, following the shooting the airport authorities reported over 23,000 thousand pieces of luggage and personal items were abandoned at the airport.

In a statement released on Monday morning the airport authorities said they are working diligently to return these items to their owners. The statement disclosed that a professional company has been assigned to process the identification of the ownership of the personal items. However, the authorities also cautioned that there were so many identified items the process would take some time.

Items are being returned through the following steps:

Items Identified with an Airline or Identification Tag:
If one’s luggage is tagged with an Airline or identification tag, the authorities are coordinating with the airlines to return these items and the respective airlines will contact the relevant passengers.

Items with Owner Identification:
If the discarded items including cell phones, passports, purses, and driver’s licenses have appropriate identification, the Airport will contact the relevant party.

Items with No Apparent Owner:

A website is being created for items that do not have identification. These will be posted on the website so owners can identify their belonging(s) and provide contact information necessary for reclaiming.  However, those claiming ownership will be asked a series of questions to identify the items. The website address will be announced as soon as it is available.



Information collected from those that call the established toll free number – 866-435-9355 – is also being used to match baggage and personal items with their rightful owners.

Individuals who have lost luggage, cell phones, purses, passports, driver’s licenses and other personal items


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