Five reasons soup is the new sandwich

In the era of insulated lunch bags, it’s time to think outside the sandwich and opt for improved and wholesome lunch options like soup. Here are five “souper” reasons why:

* Soggy bread relief: Juicy tomatoes and dollops of mayonnaise make the sandwich, but drippy ingredients and layers of deli meats are a recipe for soggy bread. The fix? Fill a thermos with a wholesome, organic soup and pack a side of crunchy toppings. Cheddar Bunnies make great kid-friendly croutons.

* Convenience: Everyone loves a classic ‘wich, but not all good things come between two layers of bread. Save time spreading mustard and think soup. Thanks to recyclable carton packaging technology, soup is as easy as pour and heat. Yes, soup is science.

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* Warmth: When it’s freezing outside, biting into cold cuts and iceberg lettuce isn’t helping the situation. Enter a pipin’ hot thermos of soup. Take that, winter.

* Extra veggies: Some say soup was invented by a magician to trick kids into eating vegetables. One thing is certain, you can’t trick kids into eating the unwanted, especially in between two slices of bread. The good news? Many soups, like Annie’s new Organic Tomato Soup has 1/2 cup of blended vegetables per serving. Now that’s magic.

* Organic: Bread only needs four ingredients – water, flour, yeast and salt – but not according to many conventional bread brands with long lists of hard-to-pronounce additives. Annie’s Certified Organic Soups are made without artificial flavors, synthetic colors, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. Go on, put your spoon where your mouth is.



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