Dominica Football reeling after Tropical Storm Erica

Dominica Football Association Glen Ettiene

The state of football in the Dominica has been left in shambles as a result of damage done to the island’s infrastructure by Tropical Storm Erica.

In addition to damage to the facilities and playing surfaces the passage of the storm has left several roads impassable, which hampers the abilities of the teams to travel.

President of the Dominica Football Association Glen Ettiene confirmed to Dominica Vibes on Monday that it was the current conditions that had led to a delay in the start to the season.

“Tropical Storm Erika has definitely given us a big blow in terms of football because some of the playing fields are badly damaged,” Ettiene said.

“We have teams from the North the South, South East and we have to take into considerations the travelling of the various teams and that itself was not permitted.”

The football governing body hopes to also consider the use of the stadium facilities for some of the games.

“That will help us greatly in addition to the field at Portsmouth and Dublanc. We still have Point Michelle, but there is an ongoing project at that field and it might be a setback for us.”



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