Commissioner Diaz urges help for federal employees affected by government shutdown

MIAMI – Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz is sponsoring three resolutions to help federal employees affected by the ongoing government shutdown. They are scheduled for a vote at the Wednesday, Jan. 23 County Commission meeting. 

The federal government has been in a partial shutdown since Dec. 22 – the longest shutdown in history – due to Congress’ refusal to provide $5.6 billion in funding demanded by President Trump for border security and a border wall. The shutdown is affecting approximately 800,000 employees, who have either been furloughed or are working without pay, causing some of them to drain their savings to pay rent, mortgage payments, utility bills, credit card balances, health insurance premiums and other expenses. 

Commissioner Diaz’s three proposed resolutions would: 

  • Urge banks and other financial institutions in Miami-Dade to offer no- or low-interest loans, loan deferments, penalty and late fee waivers, customizable financial plans and other temporary relief measures to federal employees affected by the shutdown until they receive their expected back-pay once the government reopens.
  • Urge the Florida Legislature to extend the property tax deadline for federal employees furloughed or not receiving pay as a result of the ongoing shutdown.
  • Urge Congress to support the Pay Our Coast Guard Parity Act to would provide assistance to members and affiliates of the United States Coast Guard, the only members of the U.S. military who are not being paid during the shutdown.


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