China Condemns Statement Made by US Secretary of State While in Suriname

Chinese ambassador to Suriname Quan Liu

China has condemned a statement made on Thursday by visiting United States Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, saying that he had launched “unfounded accusations and attacks” against Beijing.

Pompeo, who visited Suriname, at the start of a visit to four countries including Guyana, Colombia and Brazil, told a news conference here on Thursday that not everything is rosy when it comes to Beijing’s investments in the region.

“We do our utmost wherever I go to make sure everyone understands what they are getting into,” said Pompeo, adding that Washington is not against Chinese competition”.

But he said when a Chinese company presents itself and competes on a fair and equitable basis, and can deliver on the best terms, “that is the company that the government should choose. That is certainly true here in Suriname”.

However, China’s ambassador to Suriname, Quan Liu, rejected the statements by Pompeo, describing them as “provocative.

“Under the guise of democracy, free speech and human rights, Pompeo launched unfounded accusations and attacks against China and deliberately maligned China’s relations with other countries,” Liu wrote on his Facebook page.

He said China and Suriname enjoy good relations with mutual respect for each other, a relationship based on equality and mutual benefit.

“Our relations are a good example of countries with different political systems, different cultures and geographic sizes. Over the years, close cooperation in various areas has yielded fruitful results for the betterment of our two peoples. China adheres to the principles of mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation in developing relationships with Latin American countries, including Suriname, the Chinese diplomat wrote.

He said that Beijing has always required Chinese companies to comply with local laws and regulations and conduct business in an open, fair and transparent manner.

“We are convinced that Surinamese citizens from all walks of life will make their own right judgment. Any attempt to sow disagreement between China and Suriname is doomed to failure. We recommend Mr. Pompeo to respect facts and truth,” to move away from arrogance and prejudice, stop defamation and spread rumours about China,” Liu wrote.



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