C.A.S.A. Masters & Super League Opening Day Ceremony: February 3, 2018

The opening ceremony for the 2018 C.A.S.A. Masters and Super League with take place at the Lauderhill Sports Park on February 3, 2018.

There will be a parade of the teams from both Master and Super Leagues

There will be two exhibition games between Championship teams from Atlanta and CASA counterparts. They will be playing for Caribbean National Weekly Cups sponsored by the Caribbean National Weekly newspaper. The games and participating teams are: 

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Master League Exhibition game (over 40s)

  • OldTymers FC  vs Cariblanta FC

Super League Exhibition

  • Lauderdale Lakes Blazers vs Yardez FC

Netball League

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The City of Lauderhill also has a very active netball league in the Netball Youth Sports Association (NYSA). The league is tasked with popularizing netball in the United States, and it is from this community of netballers that the United States netball team is composed.

There will be netball games during the CASA/NYSA opening day celebrations.

NYSA is led by its president, Radica Wright, “a fearless evangelist for netball in the USA.”The teams in the netball league are: following that list are the names of the USA National team players.


  • NYSA]

Members of the USA national team are: Alicia Crichton Alisi Carroll, Camara Gordon, Nyoka Jackson, Nichala Gibson Sashalee Washington, Sephen Cousins, Swasha Perkins, Tasha Morgan, Tyiesha Bennett, Yentl Swartz, Annette Payne Britney Shae, Camille Henry, Crystal Gordon, Damichell Hightower. Jannalle Norman, Kris-Ann Michelle Brown-Wright, Measha Brown, Natalie Hosang, Nikisha Tyndall, Oshina Graham Tonya Thomas, Tishawna Daley and Driana Akuetaire.

The national team will be competing in a competition in Barbados in the summer.  

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