Caribbean Americas Soccer Association host Youth Classic Tournament

Beginning today at 6 p.m., the Youth Soccer Classic program brought to you by Caribbean Americas Soccer Association’s (CASA) has the mission of exposing talents to Coaches and Scouts by providing a one stop shop for soccer talent. Come to the Lauderhill Sports Park December 15 to the 18 for an ‘open’ soccer event to showcase their talents. This tournament is open to boys ages 14-20 years old. The outstanding play and the sportsmanship that characterize outstanding soccer will provide plenty of enjoyment for the players and fans alike. Guests at this year’s event will be Jamaica Under 20 (U20), the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA), representing all high school teams from Jamaica, Barbados U20 and teams from South Florida including Plantation U20, Ft. Lauderdale Strikers U20, Chivas USA and CASA U20. Here is the lineup:


  1. Shamar                                 Jemison                               Wolmer’s Boys
  2. Kenroy                                  Wallace                               St. Elizabeth Tech.


  1. Jahwahni                             Hinds                                    Wolmer’s Boys
  2. Ajeanie                                Talbott                                  Jamaica College
  3. Fitzroy                                  Cummings                           Lennon High
  4. Oquin                                    Robinson                             Jamaica College
  5. Nickalous                             Gayle                                    St. Elizabeth Tech.
  6. Javain                                    Brown                                  Kingston College
  7. Michael                                Heaven                                Cornwall College


  1. Andrew                                Daley                                     Wolmer’s Boys
  2. Tyreek                                  Magee                                  Jamaica College
  3. Alex                                       Marshall                               St. George’s College
  4. Peter Lee                             Vassell                                  Cornwall College
  5. Kwesi                                    Watts                                   Lennon High
  6. Fabian                                  Grant                                    Kingston College
  7. Chris-Andrew                      Dixon                                    St. Elizabeth Tech.
  9. Creggton                             Charlton                               Clarendon College
  10. Alphanso                             Gooden                                Wolmer’s Boys
  11. Duhaney                              Williams                               Jamaica College
  12. Demar                                  James                                   St. Elizabeth Tech.


  1. Walton                                 Small
  2. George                                 Forbes
  3. Linvern                                 Wright
  4. Aston                                    Messam
  5. Dean                                     Weatherly
  6. Miguel                                  Coley
  7. Sashana                               Foster


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