Caribbean Airlines to Offer COVID-19 Testing Service to Customers

Caribbean Airlines

Regional carrier, Caribbean Airlines (CAL), has announced plans to allow passengers the opportunity to book and pay for COVID-19 tests via the airline’s website.

According to CAL, it has partnered with Ink Aviation to facilitate this service in which passengers can book tests up to seven days in advance but no less than 48 hours prior to their flight departure date.

“The portal makes booking appointments and paying for tests easy and convenient,” CAL said.

“The platform integrates with multiple stakeholders, including medical establishments, airlines, airports and governments, to securely validate and share passenger health credentials, such as test results and vaccines. This enables the passenger journey to be simple, fast and safe, with all steps connected together.”

“This is a major step for Caribbean Airlines to support countries to safely reopen their borders while preventing the importation of COVID-19 cases.  The platform is compatible with all digital and paper COVID-19 test certificates including results from RT-PCR, LAMP and Antigen tests,” said  Steve Azevdo, the airline’s Chief Operations Officer.

“The innovative solution allows passengers to verify their health credentials using several identification options. And it works seamlessly with any departure control system (DCS), immigration systems and all self-sovereign digital health passports. In addition, an inbuilt declaration form digitizes and unifies the travel details submitted by the passenger with advanced passenger information (APIS),” he added.

By using the Passenger COVID-19 Test Booking portal, customers can input their booking reference code and a list of approved testing labs in the country where their flight originates, along with available appointment dates and times, will appear.

CAL has advised customers to choose appointment dates that align with the specific entry protocols for the destination to which they are travelling.

Payment is required immediately after securing the appointment and the cost of the test will vary based on the country and lab.

The airline says that upon completion of their test, customers can download the Ink Mobile App to receive their results.





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