Caribbean Airlines issues health travel advisories

Caribbean Airlines issues health travel advisories

In response to recent outbreaks of yellow fever, originating in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Caribbean Airlines has issued health advisories to its customers to ensure that they know the vaccination requirements of the country to which they are travelling.

This information can be obtained by checking with the relevant Ministry of Health, Embassy or Consulate of the country to which passengers are travelling before their travel date.

“To ensure an uninterrupted travel experience, Caribbean Airlines is recommending that all persons intending to travel, ensure that their vaccinations are up to date,” said Head of Corporate Communications, Dionne Ligoure. “Persons travelling are advised to carry their International Immunization Card with proof of the Yellow Fever and other vaccinations.”

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Ligoure also advises travelers to not only confirm immunization requirements for the country they are traveling to, but also to countries they may be traveling though along their trip.

If someone’s scheduled flight is transiting a country where a particular vaccine is required for entry, although it is not their final destination, the traveler should ensure that their immunizations for the transit country is up to date,” said Ligoure.

Passengers are solely responsible for meeting all documentation and proof of citizenship requirements for travel.

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