Broward County May Close COVID-19 Testing Sites If Tropical Cyclone Nine Develops

The Broward County Office of Emergency Management is currently monitoring the Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine, as it nears the eastern Caribbean, posing a threat to South Florida over the next few days.

The system is forecast to move through the Leeward Islands on Wednesday, and near or over the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Wednesday night, and near or over portions of Haiti and the Dominican Republic on Thursday.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management forecast indicates the potential for this disturbance to mature into a Tropical Storm with impacts to South Florida this weekend. If this system further develops it could potentially be named Isaias.

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Broward County potential impact is within the five-day forecast cone.

COVID-19 testing sites may be closed beginning Thursday evening until the storm passes to ensure safety measures as the storm’s progression continues to be monitored.