Broward County Imposes $100 Fines for Residents Not Wearing Masks

While Broward County continues to see encouraging trends in its coronavirus numbers, county leaders have decided to step up its enforcement of the mask mandate, ahead of labor day weekend.

Mayor Dale Holness announced on Friday that there would be $100 (minimum) fines for people not wearing masks indoors or near others, with code enforcement out patrolling.

“We now have to prepare for the holiday weekend coming up, which means we’re going to see a lot of people coming into town,” Holness said. “We want to make sure that they’re socially distancing and wearing facial coverings.”

Holness says Broward’s beaches will stay open through Labor Day weekend (the holiday is Sept. 7) but those mask fines will be enforced. The county had been on more of a warning system.

Since March 1, the County has issued more than 1,680 warnings and citations to businesses who have substantiated violations of the facial covering and other operating requirements. As a result, the number of cases, hospitalizations, deaths and the overall positivity rate have declined.

The enforcement of violations of the facial coverings is now extended to individuals, with potential fines of up to $1,000 for those who are cited.

“Every member of the community has a role to play in protecting us from the virus,” said County Administrator Bertha Henry.

“The wearing of facial coverings while in public places is a proven way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and increase the overall health of our community. We want everybody who lives in or decides to visit Broward County during this pandemic to know that we are a ‘mask community.’”

The county leaders say the enforcement of the order is critical if Broward is to move to Phase 2 of a reopening anytime soon. Holness said that Broward County is “not there yet” in terms of relaxing restrictions.

Municipal code enforcement authorities may establish their own fines for violations of the facial covering requirements; but are encouraged to follow Broward County’s lead to reduce confusion and ensure consistency throughout the community.

The enhanced enforcement program takes effect immediately.


  1. I really suggest he send enforcement to the local Walmart that is doing nothing people wearing masks but the line everybody together in the line they are not respecting the 6 feet distance and when you go to speak with the security or some employee nobody do anything about. This is ridiculous.

  2. You know today i had an epiphany!!!! You wear masks in the stores outside and else where. So I said to my son while wearing a mask the germs from outside are on the front of your said mask. You touch it you bring it in your home you wear in your home. You put it back on your still touching your mask. Mean while you’re not only receiving other people’s germs your breathing in your own germs. WHAT SAY YOU ALL?

  3. I believe we should wear masks only when we are in a store. To the lady talking about walmart yes there people crowding isles not standing 6ft apart at registers!!

  4. The Mayor is trying to protect us from this unusual of times..It would be best to respect that this is true virus..and it so real!
    Wearing a mask is respect towards one another even if we do not have the disease!
    We need to work together so that we can get
    back eventually to a better normal!!
    Thanks to Mayor D. and his hard working staff to keep us safer!!

  5. First, who are they “the county leaders”?. If they prefer to stay anonymous in decisions making why we the people need to provide our names, email etc. just to add our comment. It’s simple answer to this, no one wants to bear responsibility. Wearing masks the wrong way/ non medical grade, reused many times, on and of using ‘dirty hands’, keeping them in our pockets, purses or car’s mirror for days…is worse than not wearing them at ALL. It’s each of us common sens to wear a mask. And finally, how many people died every year from flu, depression, heart problems, cancer? Leaders – do the math first. We are not members of Chinese Communist Party.

  6. If masks protect us all from the virus, why can’t everything be opened back to full capacity while wearing masks?? Also, a great idea to fine people for violations while so many businesses and employees are making a fraction of what they did because of all your restrictions. Way to help your community!

  7. This is the same shit that started in Cuba And we all know what shit hole That turned out to be. Long live the Communist revolution


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