Usain Bolt racks up big London bill

Usain Bolt racks up large tab - Caribbean National Weekly News

Fresh into his retirement, track and field superstar and world record holder Usain Bolt racked up a whopping US$9, 042 bar bill, in a London nightclub in one night.

The 30-year-old Jamaican sprinter, traded in his spikes for dancing shoes, following last week’s London World Championships and delved into a partying spree that lasted all of three days.

Bottles of Dom Perignon

At one of the London haunts, the DSTRKT nightclub, where he partied with girlfriend Kasi Bennett and Love Island stars Bolt forked out the cash.  The party drank five bottles of Dom Pérignon Champagne, including two bottles of $1,209 magnums.  The Jamaican sports and tourism ambassador also ordered a bottle of vodka at $733, three bottles of $643 cognac, 23 Red Bulls costing $7.08 each and 18 cans of coke at $3.22 each.

Gives generous tips

Bolt, has become well known for giving generous tips, So, true to form he coughed up, then splashed out $643 cash on top of the 15 per cent service charge which was added to the $8,401 bill.

Bolt has known to party hard in London, and often visits various locations around the city to party hard and spend big.



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