Bauxite and alumina companies to issue over 300 Jamaican land titles

Jamaicans who were relocated from their land by bauxite companies in Jamaica are to receive land titles in compensation.

Bauxite and alumina companies in Jamaica are to issue approximately 355 land titles by the end of 2017 to persons who were relocated after their properties were acquired for mining purposes.

With the year coming to a close, Transport and Mining Minister Mike Henry, says the target has almost been achieved. “We are almost there”.

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The Minister said assistance is being given by the Bauxite Lands Land Titling Committee (BLLTC), which was established in the Ministry to work with the companies to clear the backlog of land titles.

Henry emphasized that the timely provision of land titles to these persons is of paramount importance, so that they can formally unlock the value of the land, break the cycle of poverty and facilitate entrepreneurship.


340 individuals have received land titles

Between March 2016 and October 2017, approximately 340 persons obtained land titles for parcels of land on which they were resettled by the bauxite mining companies with the assistance of the Committee.

Meanwhile, the Minister said the Government is taking all necessary measures to encourage and facilitate the bauxite and alumina companies to develop subdivisions to resettle persons whose lands have been acquired.

The restoration of mined-out lands and their post-mining use is critical, as these lands are used for agricultural purposes.

They are showing promising outcomes, as Soil Productivity Assessments done from 2003 to 2007 indicate that tomato, sweet pepper, Scotch bonnet pepper, cabbage, cauliflower and string beans planted on reclaimed bauxite soil outperformed those planted on unmined bauxite soil by between seven and 45 per cent.

The major alumina and bauxite plants operating in Jamaica are Windalco, Jamalco, Alpart and Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners.

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