Bahamian government minister charged with extortion

Former Bahamian Minister Shane Gibson - Caribbean National Weekly News

A Bahamian Shane Gibson was released on US$40,000 bail after he appeared in court. He is due to return to court on October 3.


Granted bail


Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson granted bail to Gibson, who is charged with 16 counts of bribery, 15 counts of extortion, two counts of conspiracy to commit bribery. He is also charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit extortion and one count of misconduct in public office. Another magistrate had earlier denied him bail.


Gibson is alleged to have extorted a total of US$610,000 during the period January 2 and April 30 from a private citizen. He is also accused of conspiring to extort US$500,000 from the same citizen.


Fourth government member arrested


Gibson is the fourth former member of the Bahamas’ Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government to be arrested following the May 10 general election.


The other members include Kenred Dorsett, who is facing four counts of bribery, four counts of extortion and one charge of misconduct in public office. Frank Smith is facing 13 counts of extortion as well as one count of attempted extortion and one count of bribery.