Anguilla Announces Second Phase of Tourism Reopening Plan

photo via: Paho

Anguilla has announced the second phase of its reopening to the international community, including implementing the bubble concept to safely enhance visitor experiences on the British Overseas Territory in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic era.

The Ministry of Tourism said the second phase will reopen on November 1 and will allow for hotels, resorts and villas to be included in the approved and certified accommodations mix for visitors to the island.

In addition, the authorities are introducing the bubble concept, which allows properties to safely offer their guests access to a variety of approved amenities, services, and activities while they stay in place.

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“These vary by property but may include water sports, select indoor and outdoor games, beach yoga, and other activities, provided that they are implemented in accordance with general COVID 19 protocols, such as social distancing, sanitizing and hygiene practices.”

The authorities said that a revised fee schedule has also been introduced to help offset the steep costs of managing the re-entry protocols and procedures. They said that visitors staying at a pre-approved property, for a period of less than three months, the fees from US$300 to at least US$850.

“This fee covers two tests per person, surveillance and costs associated with the additional public health presence,” the ministry said in a statement, noting that for extended stays of over three months and up to 12 months, the original fees ranging from US$2,000 to US$3,250 will still apply.

In June, Anguilla was categorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as having “no cases” of COVID-19. The island currently has the classification of “No Travel Health Notice: Very Low Risk for COVID-19” from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“To date, there are no active or suspected cases on the island, and to ensure that this remains the case, there is no change to the entry requirements. A negative test result obtained three to five days prior to arrival along with travel health insurance that covers COVID-related treatment is required, and all visitors will be given a PCR test on arrival.

“A second test will be administered on day 10 of their visit, for those originating from low-risk countries, and on day 14 for guests arriving from higher-risk countries. Once a negative result is returned after the second test, guests are then free to explore the island,” the authorities added.




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